Karma & Akarma 業と止業


Good morning!

We have a very bright morning here, though on the east coast, East Asia, and East Europe people are having heavy snowstorms with damage. A month after the winter solstice we have the Great Chill officially due to the time lag in warming up. The temperature difference in one day is smaller than that of a whole year due to the difference between the earth’s spin and its orbit traveling.

Geocentrism came from egocentrism, but heliocentrism comes from egolessness. Nukes and wars come from egocentrism, not from egoless holiness, a wholly wholesome way of truth and ethics. Nuclear war would lead to nuclear winter, bringing the global life system into demise “by a tiny tantrum.” Human karma is the culprit of global problems and sufferings.

The triple poisons of person, personal property, and power poison and perish planetary prognosis and peace. The control key of a keyboard can shift from a simple script to a fine function. Simple sitting can shift the karma world to a nirvana state, shedding skins of karma like the north wind to the south sun removing a traveler’s coat. Anyone can witness it with practice.

One can sit still, stilling karma, seeing nirvana like white snow and black ice melting into emptiness as we realize no forms, feelings, ideas, etc., as we recited the Heart Sutra. Samadhi, concentration like a water jet, can cut even mind metal. Sustained practice, continuity like water drops, can cut through a rock. Both wings are essential to fly from karma conditions.

1/20/18 C.E.





























The above super moon pictures were taken by Mr. Noriyuki Otsuka,

in Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan



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