Fukushima affecting California wine, Tokyo Olympic Games, and All

Dear Friends,
The dissemination of radiation from Fukushima is aggravating.
“—–  levels of cesium 137 in California wine appears to have doubled right after Fukushima.”
Mr.Akio Matsumura,former UN advisor, has sent me a mail from New York in which he makes the following criticism as regards the way Japan is coping with the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear accident.
“The  main reason I shifted my focus  to the danger to the ocean marine life and potential risk to people on  the North America resulting from the 40-year flow of the radioactive wind and contaminated water from Fukushima, is to encourage the American opinion leaders and the international communities to speak out the serious issues we are facing.  Otherwise, government of Japan will not make its priority to tackle the long-time effect of Fukushima nuclear accident, and at the moment, its priority is to make the Tokyo Olympic 2020 success.”
Universally observed heat waves side with the pertinent plea,increasingly supported both at home and abroad, for retreating from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 to be held in July ~ August,which makes one wonder why in the world the hottest timing has been chosen.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland


Comment: Nukes (bombs/plants) are the poisoned arrow of the danger of destruction stuck in all, and must be pulled out most urgently (cf. Parable of Poisoned Arrow).



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