Poisoned Arrow to Pull out of All Beings:衆生から抜くべき毒矢

Good morning!

As we watch the news of wild fire and mountain fire from America and Europe and super heavy rain, flooding, land slide in Asia, 500 scientists worldwide announced Carbon Concentration Soars to Levels Not Seen 800,000 Years. The Buddha told the parable of blind people groping for an elephant to report the King Mirror that it is like a rope, pillar, wall, etc.

He told the lesson of a poisoned arrow, to pull it out immediately, rather than asking about what is the poison, the shooter, the arrow specifics, etc. The most dangerous and urgently needed poisoned arrow to pull out of all living beings is nukes, even if global warming, mass extinction, which eventually make human beings extinct, are also important in the wider perspective.

He also told that sufferings come from the triple poisons of desire, divisiveness, and delusion, which come from karma, as our being karma-heirs, -owners, -machines. He, however, told us that we can take refuge in good karma, avoiding bad karma. He showed how to still karma in nirvana (no wind, of karma), see dharma in awakening, and serve and save all beings.

Sitting still, stilling physical, verbal, and mental karma is the direct, natural, practical way to reach nirvana and awakening in free and full functions, in harmony, health, and happiness. He said that this is the “come and see” way any one can practice and perfect. This is the way from sin (separation) to holiness (wholly wholesome way and world).

8/4/18 Dharma talk







2018共通年8月4日 法話

















































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